Upcoming Events

Join us for the November 2020 general meeting on Tuesday, November 17. Due to the Covid-19 public health emergency, meetings are being held on Zoom. For information about how to access the Zoom link, call 319-342-2753.

New HCVC President
At Healthy Cedar Valley Coalition we are pleased to announce that Nikki Carrion, of FitXPress, will undertake the role of president as of 2019. We look to Nikki's 25 years of experience in preventative health to move HCVC into new areas of service to Cedar Valley residents.

Thanks for your interest in the Healthy Cedar Valley Coalition!

The Healthy Cedar Valley Coalition is a group of community organizations and individuals that have come together to improve the health of our community. We are committed to outreach and education, and we especially focus our attention on under-served and at-risk populations. Our organization has grown from 15 to nearly 30 member organizations in the past two years. The organizations and individuals involved in this coalition strive to create a healthier Cedar Valley for future generations by focusing on the following three theme areas:

Fresh Produce Availability
Health and Well-Being

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Email: healthycedarvalley@gmail.com